Animated by some loyal fans and interested concertgoers I write here in a very loose sequence what moves me at the moment. Of course I am happy about comments.

Beginning of March 2022

The Leiermann publishes an anthology with the motto "Sommerfrische". There are also four short texts from me in it.

End of February 2022:

The commissioned work for JaDe has arrived and our new program is thus ready to be put together. This time we are quite virtuosic and also modern - great stuff!

I also had to deal with GEMA, who didn't want to classify our program "Alles Tango" as serious music. That's bad, because the composers then get paid much less. Now, fortunately, everything has been cleared up.

And on the Leiermann blog there is a new text from me. It's about Anna Amalia, who was a sister of the "Flute King" Frederick II and composed a lot herself. The text can be found on the blog about women in art and history, of course at the Leiermann. :-)

Early February 2022:

JaDe rehearsals start this week - we're super excited.

Doesn't look too good for concerts, readings and culture at large. Nevertheless, we continue to plan. Many promoters can't pay decent fees, because of course space utilization brings them to the brink of ruin, too.

"Rodrigo" is definitely cancelled for this season, but "The Little Prince" is coming back into the program.

What's nice is that my flute book will soon be available as a podcast on the Leiermann. Now, in February, I'll start recording the first chapter. I'm already excited ...

December 2021:

Right now Alice Graf and I are working on our new women composers program for Fall 2022, and right now Clémence Grandval, Claude Arrieu, and Lili Boulanger are our favorites.

JaDe has commissioned compositions for the upcoming 2022 program, so we'll see if we have old or new in the program then. And the flute/accordion lineup continues to look forward to new things as well.

The "rodrigo-project" with works by Joaquin Rodrigo for soprano, flute and 2 guitars is still on ice - we are not sure if it can be revived. Similar is the case for a large project for flute and string trio.

Both concert series are at least cautiously considered for the coming season - it has to be kept in mind that already planning, procurement of sheet music and discussion of dates are costly - and time-consuming. But hope dies last.

"Vom Himmel hoch ..." is still busily collecting new works for the 3rd volume, which will be published by Canticus in either 2022 or 2023. Sponsors are being sought for a second cd, so I'm grateful for tips.

At Leiermann, I'm creating the framework for a women's blog these weeks, and we're thinking about audio books and the teaching platform.