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... is an ambitious and dedicated cultural project by Thomas Stiegler that tries to break new ground. It offers a blog, an app, a book publisher and a teaching platform. There are many contributions about the flute - mostly by me - and about music in general. But also art, culture, history, culinary and much more is on offer.

And here are a few suggestions from the blog - further down also from my colleagues:

    Theobald Böhm and the new Böhm flute

    What happened after Böhm - and what came before?

    The Mannheim School - the modern symphony orchestra emerges

    Dry flowers - Schubert's double work

    Fauré and his Fantasy for flute and piano

    Baroque music in France


    The Gregorian chant

    The Town Clerk of Vienna - Katharina Mölk

    Jan Vermeer

    A Cassandra Call

    The Elisen Gingerbread



Das Interview für die Erstausgabe der "Kulturgeschichten - nicht nur für Flötisten" beim LEIERMANN bringt mich immer zum Schmunzeln. Es fand am Anfang des Corona-Lockdowns statt und wir waren technisch miserabel ausgerüstet.

Besonders freut mich, dass Alice Graf die Leiermann-Titelmusik eingespielt hat.